• Building Your Arts Program

Building Your Arts Program

  • Building Your Arts Program
    What Does a Quality Arts Program Look Like?
    ·       Standards-based arts curriculum supported by the Arts Instructional Guides
    ·       Highly qualified, credentialed arts teachers
    ·       Planning for student access to sequential instruction sustained over time
    ·       Presence of all four arts disciplines accessible to all students
    ·       Appropriate facilities and adequate supplies and equipment
    ·       A quality professional development program for staff
    ·       Family arts events that exhibit student work providing evidence of student learning, e.g., dramatizations, dance explorations, visual arts exhibitions, musical performances, improvisations, spoken word

    ·       Instruction connected to students’ life experience and culture
    ·       An arts-rich environment, with art making embedded in learning activities
    ·       Promotion of 21st century skills: creativity, problem solving, divergent thinking and collaboration
    ·       Ongoing student demonstration for assessment purposes
    ·       Lesson design supported by explicit use of standards based arts curriculum
    ·       Collaboration among classroom teachers, arts specialists and community arts partners
    Colfax Elementary School has created Norms for Field Trips, Mixed Classes, Performances, etc. They have given us permission to share it as a sample; you may find it useful for your school. It is a word document so feel free to adjust it as necessary: click here for the Colfax Elementary School Norms
    Effective Strategies for Arts Education and Arts Integration may be found here by discipline: