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    LAUSD recognizes that school personnel, administrative staff, and all other employees involved in the educational process set the culture and tone of the educational environment. The District will strive to promote healthy living for staff and students. It should be recognized that in order to promote student wellness, employee wellness must also be emphasized and that there should be a common goal for the entire educational community. The overall goal shall be to improve employee wellness awareness to promote proactive preventive care. The objectives of this endeavor are to reduce health-care costs, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism, worker’s compensation, and retirement costs due to disability. The District has begun the process of designing a District-wide Wellness and Total Health Management Program. However, in the interim, it is the intent of this blueprint to provide minimal guidelines for schools and offices in promoting healthy living styles for employees that is also compliant with an array of laws and regulations.

    Total Health Management

               Total Health Management





    Brillant Things Happen in Calm Minds Breathe
    Brilliant Things Happend in Calm Minds Breathe
    Thematic Virtual Rooms Health & Wellness Fitness Channel:  10 Weeks-Mind & Body Yoga/Meditation  
    Thematic Virtual Calming Room  Health & Wellness Fitness Channel: 10 Weeks-Mind & Body Yoga/Meditation 
     Barre (Beginner/Intermediate)  Bootcamp (Beginner/Intermediate)
    Barre (Beginner/Intermediate)  Bootcamp (Beginner/Intermediate)
    Gentle Chair Yoga Chair Cardio
    Gentle Chair Yoga Beginner Chair Cardio
    Cardio-Training_Heart-Rate-Basics    Cardio Workout - “HIIT Workout”
     Cardio Training - “Heart Rate and Pulse Basics”  Cardio Workout - “HIIT Workout”
    Finding Personal Space Self Care-Personal Coherence Technique
    Finding Personal Space Personal Coherence Technique
     Chair Yoga (Beginner) -”All Sitting” Chair Yoga (Beginner) -”All Standing”  
    Chair Yoga (Beginner) -”All Sitting”  Chair Yoga (Beginner) -”All Standing”
     Chair Yoga (Beginner)  Core Conditioning (Beginner/Intermediate)
     Chair Yoga (Beginner)  Core Conditioning (Beginner/Intermediate)
    Guided Yoga with Adriene (Mixed Levels)    Fitness Blender - Total Body Workouts
    Guided Yoga with Adriene (Mixed Levels)  Fitness Blender - Total Body Workouts
    Guided Meditation (All Levels) - “Conscious Breathing”   Breathing Mindfulness  
     Guided Meditation (All Levels) - “Conscious Breathing”
    Mindful Breathing 
     Yoga (Beginner) - “Gentle Flow” Yoga (Intermediate) - “Sunrise Flow”  
    Yoga (Beginner) - “Gentle Flow”

    Yoga (Intermediate) - “Sunrise Flow” 
    Yoga (Advanced) - “Power Flow 1”    
     Yoga (Advanced) - “Power Flow 1” 
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