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    The Food Services Division, Café LA, operates the official Meal Program for the LAUSD providing nutritious meals to students by offering healthy choices to fuel their learning and education. The Meal Program operates under the regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Department of Education (CDE). The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) was created in 1946 as a federal measure to prevent malnutrition by providing nutritious lunches to school-aged children. USDA research shows that children who participate in the school lunch program have superior nutritional intake compared to those who do not. This intake helps to improve students’ wellness.

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    Nutritious Bites

    KLCS 2 Nutrition Labels
    KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - My Plate KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Nutrition Labels
    KLCS 3 Fruits Veggies KLCS Episode 4-Protein  
     KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Fruits and Vegetables  KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Protein
    KLCS Episode 5-Grains KLCS Episode 6-Hydration & Sugar
    KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Grains KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Hydration and Sugar
    KLCS Episode 7 Fats KTLA Nutritious Bites Season 1 Episode 8 Healthy Habits
    KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Fats KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 1 - Habits
    KTLA Nutritious Bites Season 2 Episode 4 Pozole KTLA Nutritious Bites Season 2, Episode 1 Chicken Shawarma
    KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 2 - Pozole KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 2 - Chicken Shawarma 
    KTLA Nutritious Bites Season 2 Episode 2 Fried Rice KTLA Nutritious Bites Season 2 Episode 3 Joumou Soup
    KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 2 - Fried Rice KLCS "Nutritious Bites" Season 2 - Joumou Soup
    Healthy Breakfast   8 Healthy After-School Snacks
    Healthy Breakfast 8 Healthy After-School Snacks
    Healthy Eating Healthy Snacks
    Healthy Eating Healthy Snacks

    Stay Hydrated

    Healthy Foods on a budget  
     Stay Hydrated  Healthy Foods on a Budget

     Burrito Bowls

     Quinoa Salad

     Culinary Arts - “Burrito Bowls”  Culinary Arts - “Quinoa Salad”

     Green smoothie

    Farm to Table
     Green Breakfast Smoothie  Farm to Table
    What does sugar do to your body? Why We Must Drink Water
    What Does Sugar Do to Your Body? Why We Must Drink Water
    Making Healthy Choices Using the Nutrition Facts Label
    Eat the Rainbow:  Nutrition Lesson
    Making Healthy Choices Using the Nutrition Facts Label Eat the Rainbow! Nutrition Lesson for Kids
     Energy Bites Garbage Salad  
     Energy Bites  Garbage Salad
    Egg in a Hole MyPlate App      
     Egg in a Hole

    MyPlate App    

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