Identifying Anchor Texts from Treasures for the Universal Theme: RELATIONSHIPS

Grade Level: 3

Text Selection Unit Week Selection Type PG. #'s Briefly: Key points why it connects Text Structure Genre Other Connections
Amazing Grace 1 2 Main 38-57 Relationships among family members help us make informed decisions, resolve conflict, grow, survive and thrive literary Cause and Effect
Earth Smart 1 3 Main 70-73 There is an interdependence between humanity and environment Informational Cause and Effect
The Truth About Wolves 1 4 Paired 106-109 Interdependence between wolves influence their survival Informational
My Very Own Room 1 5 Main 116-137 Family dynamics and interdependent variables of relationship influence lives Literary
Evan's Welcome 1 6 Standards Practice 146-147 Relationships help people grow and thrive Literary
*The Story Telling Stone 1 2 Paired 60-63 To function in and understand the environment and our place in it, we must understand how relationships underpin the story telling aspect of life Literary Cause and Effect
*Pond Street Clubhouse 1 5 First Read 114-115 Relationship between father and son working together allowed son to thrive Literary
Dear Juno 3 2 Main 314-338 Relationship between family members helps child thrive Literary Change Cause and Effect
Jobs in Animation 3 4 Main 386-389 Interdependence and connectivity among people allows them create an animation Informational
*Jones Family Express 3 5 Main 396-417 Relationships influence the lives of others Literary
Life in Antartica 5 1 First Read 144-145 Living things and environment interrelate and influence each other in order to maintain a balance. Informational
Penguin Chick 5 1 Main 146-165 The interdependency between a penguin family helps them thrive in their environment Informational Change
*Animal Homes 5 2 Main 176-191 Animals depend on their home for survival Informational
*Wilbur"s Boost 5 4 Main 216-227 Friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte helps Wilbur grow and become informed Literature
Unique Animals 5 5 Main 238-259 Adaptation and interdependency help animals survive in its environment Informational Cause and Effect
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