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MiSiS Training Courses

  • Hands-on course will provide employees with basic instructions in creating ad hoc analyses in FOCUS with data from district applications
  • Topics: Basic Navigation, Creating an Analysis, Reviewing Subject Areas, Exporting and Formatting Data, Calculations, and Basic Graphical Displays
  • Prerequisite: Users must have FOCUS Composer access prior to attending this class
  • Full day, hands-on course will provide employees who work in school offices with instruction on all procedures
  • Topics: Student Enrollment, Creating and Assigning Class Sections,  Submitting and Updating Attendance Records, Generating Various Reports, and Managing Summer School Records
  • Office Manager access is required

Scheduling Open House (MSX999)

  • Secondary school participants will have an opportunity to obtain targeted assistance from the ITD Training Team with the setup of a secondary school's actual master schedule (including summer school) and building student course requests.
  • Prerequisites: Must have the Scheduling Administrator user role and previously trained on how to build a master schedule in MISiS
  • Please note that this is NOT a classroom training session


*****  Scheduling Open House (MSX999) - Online Option  *****

In response to the district shutdown due to the coronavirus, all onsite Scheduling Open House (MSX999) sessions previously scheduled in MyPLN have been cancelled until further notice.

Secondary and Options School Scheduling Administrators are urged to contact the ITD Helpdesk, who will be offering individual chat sessions through BOMGAR for Master Scheduling support.  The chat sessions will be routed to a MiSiS Trainer.  MiSiS Trainers are available to provide assistance every Tuesday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and will be able to connect remotely to your computer through BOMGAR.

Click here to reach the ITD Helpdesk, then click on the Chat Now icon or Chat with an Agent link.


Open House - School Front Office Procedures (MNA999)

  • Secondary school participants will have an opportunity to obtain targeted assistance from the ITD Training Team with the tasks to complete a school's actual matrix following the Secondary Master Scheduling Commit process, Elementary Pre-Committ and Dual Language rollover processes, the Summer School sending and receiving (SS Counselor ONLY) processes for students at your school, transfer records, next year enrollment, and year end processing
  • Prerequisites:  Registrants must have MISIS access wit the appropriate user roles and should bring their work with them to the open house
  • Please note that this is not a classroom training session

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