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    All students will graduate as efficacious, worldly-wise, influential, and adaptable citizens prepared to succeed in their educational and career paths and to improve the quality of life in their communities.





    We build the capacity of educators and community to integrate rigorous student-driven academics, career applied skills, work-based learning, and personalized supports.

Linked Learning Graduates

    LAUSD Linked Learning Graduate Profile



    Linked Learning in LAUSD is a rigorous approach to education with high expectations of every student. 


    Our goal is for each graduate of a Linked Learning Pathway within LAUSD to be:




    Rigorous Academics

    A curriculum that includes the English, mathematics, science, history, and foreign language courses that prepare students to transition, without remediation, to the state’s community colleges and universities, as well as to apprenticeships and formal employment training programs.


    Career and Technical Education

    Students gain the knowledge and skills that can give them a head start on a successful career - right in their own classrooms.


    Work-based Learning

    Students are given opportunities for mentoring and job shadowing and move into intensive internships, school-based enterprises, or virtual apprenticeships.


    Integrated Student Support

    Services such as counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that help students master the advanced academic and technical content necessary for success in college and career.

  • Efficacious


    Demonstrate grit and perseverance
    Develop and revise personal & professional growth plan to capitalize on strengths and address areas of growth
    Set, review, revise and meet short- and long-term goals and deadlines, making appropriate use of family, community and professional resources
    Collaborate productively in diverse groups to make decisions and achieve common goals




    Demonstrate a reflective, flexible and dynamic mindset 
    Think critically and creatively using knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines
    Identify and solve challenges using a cohesive, efficient and revisable plan of action




    Participate in civics and engage in local community service
    Display awareness of and respect for diverse cultures
    Understand the finite nature of our universal resources and utilize sustainable practices
    Demonstrate awareness of global economic needs and the respective careers and skills to serve them


    and Influential


    Communicate persuasively using multiple mediums and 21st century tools
    Develop and sustain positive relationships
    Interpret social and emotional cues as needed for active listening and effective dialogue
    Design innovative technical and artistic creations appropriate for specific audiences and purposes


    A Quick Overview of the Linked Learning Approach