• Teacher Growth & Induction (TGI) Requirements

    Teachers interested in participating in TGI must first begin with the application process to determine eligibility.  The major eligibility requirements and criteria are as follows:

    TGI Eligibility Requirements 

    Participating Teachers must:

    • Be assigned to a LAUSD school
    • Hold a general education multiple subject or single subject California Preliminary Teaching Credential 
    • Currently serving as a classroom teacher of record and teaching in a class setting matching the credential to be cleared

    NOTE: Teachers in any substitute assignment, pool, pre-K infant, or ROP assignments are ineligible to participate in Teacher Growth and Induction (TGI).

    Additional eligibility requirements or criteria may apply.  Submitting a TGI Application Form is required to determine eligibility for participation.

    The Spring 2022 TGI Candidate Teacher Application 

    The enrollment window to apply for the Spring 2022 start date is now open. You can access the application via the link below. For questions and information about the application process please contact Cheryl Amberger at cheryl.amberger@lausd.net. The enrollment window will close at 5 PM January 14th, 2022




    Early Completion Option (ECO)

    Once enrolled in Teacher Growth and Induction (TGI), Candidate Teachers that meet the eligibility criteria may apply for an Early Completion Option (ECO). This is an accelerated program option that allows candidate teachers to complete the induction in one year. To be eligible to apply for ECO, applicants must:

    • Be enrolled in TGI with no previous induction experience.      
    • Have at least two previous year of full teaching experience as the teacher of the area authorized by their preliminary credential.
    • Demonstrate exceptional teaching ability.

    Additional information will be provided once accepted into TGI. 


    Click HERE for the iCAAP Program (for Special Education teachers seeking to clear their Preliminary Credential).