Beginning Teacher Growth & Development Induction (BTGDI) Requirements



    Teachers interested in participating in BTGDI must first begin with the application process to determine eligibility.  The major eligibility requirements and criteria are as follows:


    BTGDI Eligibility Requirements and Criteria


    Participating Teachers must:

    • be assigned to a LAUSD or LAUSD Affiliated Charter School

    • hold a California Preliminary Teaching Credential in general education; (i.e., Multiple Subject or Single Subject)

    • currently be in a full-time position teaching in a subject area authorized by the credential

    • not be applying to BTGDI to clear an Education Specialist credential


    (NOTE: Teachers in any substitute assignment, pool, pre-K infant, or ROP assignments are ineligible to participate in BTGDI.)


    Additional eligibility requirements or criteria may apply. Submitting an Application/Interest Form to BTGDI is required to determine eligibility for participation.


     The BTGDI Application Process     
    2017-18 BTGDI enrollment is now CLOSED!  Individuals submitting applications now will be placed on a 2018-2019 Priority Email Distribution List to automatically receive a 2018-19 BTGDI Application Form to formally apply for 2018-19 BTGDI Enrollment in July 2018-19.


    1) Download the 2017-18 BTGDI Application/Interest Form.   Click to Download App/Interest Form


    2) Save the Application/Interest Form to your computer desktop (Mac and PC users). 


    IMPORTANTOpen, complete, and save the completed form using only Adobe Reader (version X, XI, or Acrobat Reader DC).  Mac users, please do not open and complete the form using Mac Preview, typically set as the default pdf viewer on Mac computers.  Using an earlier version of Adobe Reader or Mac Preview will result in a form that will not electronically merge to the BTGDI database and cause unnecessary delays with your submission.


    A current free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC may be  downloaded from:https://get.adobe.com/reader/


    3) The BTGDI Application/Interest Form is designed as an electronic form and may be sent back as an electronic form by following the below:


          a. After opening the form in Adobe Reader, complete all parts of the application.  Do not enter information in all CAPS or all lower case text.


          b. Text fields with a "red" border are required fields.  If a required field does not apply to you (e.g. no Middle Name) enter "None" or "NA"


    c. After the form is completed, return it by clicking "Submit Form" in the upper right corner of the form.  Follow the directions that appear after clicking "Submit Form". You will be prompted to enter the normal email client or email address you normally use.  The recipient of the form has been pre-determined and all completed application/interest forms will be sent to:  thomas.yee@lausd.net

              IMPORTANT: Your computer may not be configured to successfully send the application/interest form using the "Submit Form" option.  Before assuming your application/interest form has been successfully submitted, please confirm by looking for a sent item in your "Sent Items" folder.  If you do not see a copy of your email in your "Sent Items" folder, please submit your application/interest form by email as an email attachment to: thomas.yee@lausd.net


    4)  If successfully submitted, you will receive (typically within 24-48 hours) an email confirming your BTGDI Application/Interest form has been received. 


    Thank you for your interest in BTGDI!


    For Additional Information or Support on Completing the BTGDI Application Process, please contact:  Dr. Thomas Yee, BTGDI Acting Coordinator, at thomas.yee@lausd.net, or via phone at (213) 241-4252.