• BTSA Goals


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    The Los Angeles Unified School District BTSA Induction Program has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). Participation and completion of the program fulfills requirements for recommendation to the CCTC for a Professional Clear Teaching Credential. Through structured professional development and formative assessment activities, Participating Teachers (PT) will meet the following program goals:

    • Increase student achievement  by effectively implementing the elements of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP);
    • Enhance knowledge of content specific pedagogy and strategies to increase student achievement in the core content areas;
    • Strengthen knowledge and implementation of effective assessment tools and strategies, including at risk and early warning reports from MyData, to correctly diagnose student attainment of identified standards in the core content areas;
    • Increase knowledge and implementation of English Language proficiency assessments;
    • Develop proficiency in using state-adopted academic content standards and the District's Teaching and Learning Framework in the core content areas to design learning experiences to meet the needs of all students;
    • Provide an induction program that allows Participating Teachers (PT) to meet the requirements for the California Clear Teaching Credential while focusing on meeting the needs of their students within the context of District priorities.

    Formative Assessment

    While the LAUSD BTSA Induction Program uses Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT)  to support Participating Teachers (PT) in clearing their preliminary teaching credentials, the BTSA-FAS Induction Pilot Program seeks to accomplish the same using the New Teacher Center's (NTC) Formative Assessment System (FAS).  Both FACT and FAS are processes designed to support Participating Teachers (PT) in developing as professionals and advancing along the Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP) of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).  FACT and FAS, both include a structured series of critical thinking tasks that are completed within the context of Participating Teachers’ classrooms with the support and assistance of qualified support providers or highly trained mentors.

    Support Providers and Full Release Mentors

    Each Participating Teacher (PT) is paired with a highly trained Support Provider (FACT Induction Process) or a Full Release Mentor (FAS Induction Process) taking into consideration credentials held; subject matter knowledge; orientation to learning; relevant experience; current assignments; and geographic proximity.  Support Providers and Full Release Mentors develop a confidential relationship of support and assistance with the participating teachers they serve.  Support provided includes, but is not limited to, weekly visits to observe teaching practice and provide feedback, demonstration lessons, assistance with planning lessons and assessing student learning, and release time to observe others.

    Program Evaluation

    The BTSA/Induction Program staff believes that continuous improvement based upon the on-going feedback from all program stakeholders is necessary to provide an exceptional program that meets the needs of its participants.  With this in mind, all participants will complete multiple program evaluations throughout the year in regards to various program components.  This feedback will be analyzed and shared with all stakeholders and improvements to the program will be made.

    Induction Portfolio

    An Induction Portfolio is a comprehensive collection of authentic assessment activities compiled to demonstrate and document participating teachers’ attainment of each element of Induction Standards 4, 5 and 6.  Participating teachers will submit their completed portfolios for review at designated points during their Induction Program as evidence of completion of all program requirements necessary to apply for a Professional Clear Teaching Credential.

    NOTE: Teachers who have taught for two or more years on a Preliminary or Clear Credential may be assessed a yearly fee to participate in the BTSA Induction Program.