High School Science



    Three-Course Model
    The Division of Instruction has selected the 3-Course Model from the California Science Framework 2017 for High Science Instruction.  Use this link to access the Inter-Office Correspondence regarding the Implementation of High School Next Generation Science Standards Courses.
     The 3-Course Model as presented by the California Science Framework - Chapter Seven consists of:
     Biology of Living Earth Integrating Biology and Earth Science
    Chemistry in the Earth System Integrating Chemistry and Earth Science
    Physics Of The Universe Integrating Physics and Earth Science
    The rigor and expectations of the three dimensional learning of NGSS for each grade band endpoints are well defined. It is of great importance that teachers use the progression document as they are planning thier instruction.
    The order of the listed courses does not reflect an LAUSD recommendation for sequencing the three courses. It reflects the order the 3 courses are listed in chapter 7 in the CA Framework.
    Replacing Integrated Coordinated Science I AB with Interactions AB:
    The Integrated Coordinated Science I AB (ICS I AB) course will be obsolete in Fall 2020 and will be replaced with Interactions AB.  A course description for Interactions AB has been approved as a ‘g’ elective in physical science by both L.A. Unified and UCOP.  Interactions AB, designated as a “g” laboratory physical science course, satisfies the same graduation requirement as ICS I AB. Professional Development will be provided in summer 2019 for Interactions AB. For more details you may access the InterOffice Correspondence regarding the transition to Interactions
    Teachers are encouraged to attend professonal developments offered by their local districts and the Division of Instruction. Each Local District has its own network of support for science instruction. Professional development opportunities for teachers are currently available and ongoing. For more information, contact your Local District staff.
    The Division of Instruction in collaboation with local districts rolled out 6 NGSS modules during Training the Trainer sessions with department chairs or their designees. Science departments are encouraged to engage in the module(s) that address their need.
    Moving towards NGSS is a process and best done as a collaborative approach. An ongoing collaboration is needed within and across grade levels since some of the content has shifted. Teachers may use the curriculum maps on the High School Instructional Resources page for guidance on standards and suggestions for units and assessment. 
    A High School Science Schoology Group is available for teachers to interact, share resources and best practices. Please contact Ayham Dahi at ayham.dahi@lausd.net to get the access code. The Schoology Group also houses the LAUSD interim assessment which you may assign to your students on Schoology.
    Please click the link below to view the "D" and "G" high school Science course descriptions: