High School Science



    Three-Course Model
    The Division of Instruction has selected the 3-Course Model from the California Science Framework 2017.  The 3-Course Model as presented by the California Science Framework - Chapter Seven consists of:
    Biology of Living Earth Integrating Biology and Earth Science
    Chemistry in the Earth System Integrating Chemistry and Earth Science
    Physics Of The Universe Integrating Physics and Earth Science
    The order of the listed courses does not reflect an LAUSD recommendation for sequencing the three courses. It reflects the order the 3 courses are listed in chapter 7 in the CA Framework.
    To join the High School Science Group on Schoology please contact Ayham Dahi at ayham.dahi@lausd.net. The Group house the LAUSD interim assessment which you may assign to your student on Schoology.
    Please click the link below to view the "D" and "G" high school Science course descriptions:
    Communication to High School Principals: Please access the Inter-Office Correspondence regarding the Implementation of High School Next Generation Science Standards Courses using this link.