• How do I update my online profile (Global Address Book)?

    The Outlook Global address book helps the organization run efficiently by letting others know how to find you. Keeping your information up to date helps increase the usefulness of the tool and ultimately helps save time and resources.

    To check or update your information in the online global directory for employees, go to the District's single sign on page, and click on the link that says "Change your existing password, set or change your password hint question. Review and update information about yourself." You will see a screen showing the information currently in the system for you (direct link). If necessary, log in with your single sign-on user name and password.

    Verify that everything is up to date. If you need to make changes, do so in any of the input boxes and press SUBMIT.

    What if I updated my information following the steps above, but my old information is still showing?

    When you change information using the steps above, the data are immediately updated on the server where the information is stored. What our technicians have notices is that sometimes, when Outlook on your local computer is searching for someone, it may look to the information already stored in your computer's memory and not necessarily check the server for updates.
    So, what should you do?

    First, try searching for to the person in question using the Outlook Web Access tool (checking your email at http://mailbox.lausd.net). This information is ALWAYS up to date, so if it doesn't match what your local version of Outlook is saying, then you probably have what's called a cache memory problem.

    If so, then follow these steps provided by Microsoft to clear the cache memory for your copy of Outlook. Once you do this, Outlook should check for new data on the server and show current information for anyone you are searching for.

    What if I need to change my name officially?

    Remember that the account you use for your District email also grants you access to a variety of other tools depending on the nature of your job and the data you work with (for example, MyData, ISIS, and others). So, changing the name of your account is no small matter, and you should avoid doing so unless it is really important.
    That said, if you get married or for whatever reason have a legal name change, you should take the following steps:
    1. Inform the District's Human Resources office of your legal name change using these forms:


Change of Name Request
Change of Name Affidavit

    2. Issue a service ticket with the IT HelpDesk to update your single sign-on account. We recommend using the online form. When doing so, select Security/Account update Request Non-password Issue 
    Still having trouble? For individual assistance with this process contact the IT HelpDesk.