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    LAUSD Career and Transition Center programs provides employment preparation, independent living skills, and social skills instruction to students ages 18-22 years, who are on the Alternate Curriculum.  Employment preparation is provided through a variety of vocational training programs offered at the CTC.  Our vocational training programs provide opportunities for students to gain skills that will make them work ready and prepare them for competitive or supported employment opportunities after they exit the public school system.  Independent living skills instruction, which includes community integration and independent travel, provides opportunities for students to grow and become as independent as possible.  The social skills instruction that is incorporated in each of our vocational training programs at the CTC allows students to learn and practice appropriate workplace and social behaviors in the context of real world situations and environments. 

    Functional Academics

    Students enrolled at the CTC will continue to receive functional academics in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and English Language Development.  Academic instruction is delivered using the district approved and mandated curriculum, Unique-2-You Learning System (Transition Grade Band).  The Unique-2-You Learning System is aligned to addresses the needs of transition aged students by providing them with monthly lessons and activities that provide lifelong skills that are needed as they transition into adulthood.  The lessons and activities are embedded into the vocational training strands and all other classes offered at the CTC. 

    Off-Campus Work Experience

    Students who are enrolled at the CTC and are work ready will also have the opportunity to participate in off-campus work experience through the Work-Based Learning program (WBL).  Each CTC partners with local businesses within the community to provide work experience opportunities for students.  Student have the option of participating in the program in a volunteer status (up to 200 hrs.), or in a paid status (Up to 100 hrs.).  Students who submit the Right-to-Work documents are eligible to participate in a paid work status.  Students in a paid work status are assigned an employee number from LAUSD and are paid for the hrs. worked through a Grantibility fund provided by the state of California.  The end goal for students who participate in the WBL program is to gain valuable work experience, and secure an internship or direct hire at one of the many local businesses that partner with us.

    Continuum of Placement Options

    Instruction provided at the CTC also prepares students with the skills needed to participate in additional transition programs that we offer.  The Center for Advanced Transition Skills (CATS) and Project Search are work experience/work training programs that are available to students who are enrolled at the CTC.  Each program has specific criteria that must be met by the student before entering into the program.  Vital skills that are required include independent travel and prior work experience, all of which are provided at the CTC.  Students with a desire to participate in either program must first be screened and assessed in their current level of work readiness to determine eligibility for each program. 



    Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of 4 years of High School, services beyond the Certificate of Completion are provided at a CTC in one of the following 3 programs, CTC on campus, CATS, or Project SEARCH.  Students eligible to participate in the CTC program must meet the following criteria:

    • Ages 18-22
    • Moderate/Severe Disability
    • Currently on the Alternate Curriculum
    • Completed 4th year of High School
    • Not eligible to receive a diploma

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