• Online CTEL Test Preparation Classes:

    Participants who complete an online course by the first day of the month will be eligible for a voucher for any testing period at the end of that month or in the following months.   

    *The issuance of vouchers is dependent upon available funding.  Therefore, all voucher
    requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis as funds permit.


    You are encouraged to complete your online coursework as soon as possible. Vouchers are issued after processing your written request and receiving verification from the organization you worked with that all coursework is complete.  For additional voucher information, please click here.
     Online Course
    Completed by
     Earliest Testing Period
    Voucher will be available
     5/1/2018    May 2018

    PCG (formerly known as) Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS)

    PCG (formerly known as) Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS), offers online test preparation for the CTEL Examination. The online course features online, video-based, on-demand, interactive sessions. The sessions include:

    • 21 Topics, each including pre- and post- assessment questions, optional discussion board participation, and one topic focused on CTEL modeled practice essay question 
    • Printable study guides and resources included

    PCG CTEL Test Preparation has rolling admissions. For additional information and registration for PCG online classes, please visit the PCG website https://plp.educatored.com  or call (800) 728-0032.



    CTEL Test Preparation Classes:


    Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE)

    For information regarding California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) test preparation classes offered by the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). Please click here for more information, including current class schedule.

    Additional Contact Information: 
    • For LAUSD credential and emergency CLAD and/or BCLAD questions, please call your Local District Credentials and Contract Specialist at (213) 241-5300.
    • For questions pertaining to an LAUSD voucher for the CTEL examination, please contact Master Plan Verification at (213) 241-5862 or mpvu@lausd.net.