Pregnancy Leave

  • A formal PREGNANCY LEAVE is a leave granted to an employee for absence covering a period of more than 20 consecutive working days because the employee is physically disabled and unable to work due to pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth or recovery therefrom. These are paid leaves. The employee shall be permitted to utilize her illness absence pursuant to the LAUSD / UTLA Bargaining Agreement, Article XII, Section 12.

    DEADLINE - These leaves may be applied for at any time.
      The Pregnancy Leave must have the Attending Physician’s Statement either attached to the Leave Form or sent to the Personnel Office separately.
    FORMS - For a Pregnancy Leave you need the following forms:
      Request for Certificated Leave of Absence Form
      Attending Physician's Statement
      Request to Return from Leave Form
      Who is eligible for pregnancy leaves?
    Any contracted teacher is eligible for these leaves, eg. permanent, probationary, provisional, University Intern, District Intern.
    Refer to LAUSD/UTLA Agreement, Article XII, Leaves and Absences, Section 2.0
    How long can I stay out on a Pregnancy Leave?
    The length of Pregnancy Leave is determined by the attending physician, usually 6 weeks after the birth of the baby. Complications or Cesarean section may necessitate a longer leave.
    Am I eligible for state disability?
    No, teachers do not pay into state disability.
      When my Pregnancy Leave expires, what options do I have other than returning to my school?
    Depending on your District status, you can take a family care leave or child care leave, both of which are covered in the General Description of Leaves.