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Leave of Absence

  • A leave is an authorized absence from active service granted to a contract employee, for a specified purpose and period of time, with the right to return to active service unless the employee’s service would have otherwise been terminated. Leaves are either “permissive” or “mandatory”. The term “may” used in referring to permissive leaves indicates that the District retains discretion as to whether they are to be granted, and will determine the starting and ending dates of the leave.

    As to mandatory leaves the term “shall” is used and the District has no discretion as to whether the leave is to be granted to a qualified employee. The term “formal leave” refers to any leave of more than twenty days in duration. Formal leaves must be applied for in writing using the District form. 

    Contract Reference: For additional information on leaves and absences, click here to link to the LAUSD / UTLA Bargaining Agreement. Go to Article XII, Leaves and Absences.
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