Illness Leaves

  • A formal ILLNESS LEAVE is a leave granted to an employee for absence covering a period of more than 20 consecutive working days because the employee is unable to work due to personal illness, injury, quarantine occasioned by the employee’s own or another’s illness, or a temporary disability caused or contributed to by pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth or recovery therefrom.

    Formal Illness leaves  are paid leaves

    DEADLINE - These leaves may be applied for at any time.

    The Illness Leave must have the Attending Physician’s Statement either attached to the Leave Form or sent to the Personnel Office separately. 

    FORMS - For an Illness Leave you need the following forms:

    Request for Certificated Leave of Absence Form

     Attending Physician's Statement
     Request to Return from Leave Form 

    All forms can be found in the Certificated Assignments and Support Services Form Library