Payroll Administration Branch

  • Welcome to the Payroll Administration web page. The following pages have been designed to provide you with information on the various services performed by the different sections of the branch. The web pages provide payroll information and concepts to assist you in understanding how employees of the District are paid.

Mission Statement

  • “Our mission is to support the educational community by providing quality customer service to ensure reliable, accurate and timely compensation. We take pride in our continuous focus on the ever-changing needs of our customers to improve processes and accountability while fostering trust among the people we serve.”

About Our Office

  • Administrators:

    Joy Mayor

    Deputy Controller

    Accounting & Disbursements

    Elvie Espinoza
    Director of Payroll Administration

    Shirley Callangan
    Deputy Director - Payroll Customer Services

    Christa Crawford
    Deputy Director - Payroll Operations



  • MyPay

Payroll Customer Services