What is Employment Verification?

  • Employment verification is a service LAUSD provides upon request by employees and third-parties with a legitimate interest in an employee's employment history. This information is often requested so that the employee (or third-party) may:

    • Obtain financial credit (e.g., car loan, mortgage, etc.)
    • Qualify for a lease (e.g., apartment, car, etc.)
    • Prove eligibility for social services benefits (e.g., subsidized housing or child care)
    • Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
    • Provide verification of teaching experience for employment with another school district
    • National Board Certifications (teachers and administrators)
    • CL 41
    • Verify service history and past pension contributions for retirement systems
    • Student Loan Deferrals
    • Fellowship Program


    Who is Eligible to Make Requests?
    Employment verification can be requested by both current and former LAUSD employees as well as third-parties (e.g., mortgage companies, prospective landlords, and agencies extending social services benefits).


    Third parties requesting verification for current employees for housing or childcare should call The Work Number for an immediate response at (800) 367-2884.  The LAUSD Company Code is 10721.  (Housing Authorities and Child and Family Services may qualify for a fee waiver.)


    What Type of Information is Provided?
    Employment verification includes information such as job title, date of hire, and current salary. It does not include information concerning personal attributes such as an employee’s character.


    What is The Work Number?
    The Work Number is an automated service that allows third parties (e.g., mortgage lenders, social service agencies, etc.) to quickly obtain verification of employment and income for current employees.  As an employee, you benefit from having control of the process, since you authorized access to your information.  The Work Number is widely known to mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes, and social service agencies. The Work Number can be used anytime, anywhere – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For additional information, visit their website via the link here - The Work Number, or call 1 (800) 367-2884.


    Please note that employees must obtain a salary key number to authorize third parties access to employee information.  To obtain a salary key number, call The Work Number or go to their website and log-in by entering the LAUSD Company Code 10721, your Social Security Number and PIN number (PIN number is a combination of the last four digits of your Social Security Number and last four digits of your employee number).   The number you receive will be the salary key number that you provide to the third party contact.


    For a full list of acceptable requests, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.