OEHS Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Program

  • The leading cause of death of California children under 12 years of age is auto-related collisions involving child passengers, pedestrians or bicyclists. The goal of the OEHS Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Program is to raise the sensitivity and consciousness of children to become safe pedestrians and bike, scooter, and skateboard riders.

    The School Safe Traffic Program is endorsed by the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD), Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), California Highway Patrol (CHP), Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), Los Angeles County Superior Court Juvenile Traffic Division, Los Angeles City Council, Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney, and various Police Departments in cities where LAUSD schools are located. The collective focus is on safety through education and enforcement.

    Parents, teachers and school administrators interested in learning more about traffic and pedestrian safety may are encouraged to visit our Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Documents and Links page, or contact the OEHS Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Program at (213) 241-3199.


    OEHS provides pedestrian routes to school for each school located within the City of Los Angeles.  The map shows the recommended crossings to school. Pedestrian route maps should be distributed to the students and their parents and a copy posted in the main office.  To find the map for a school please visit the following page: http://www.lausd-oehs.org/saferoutestoschools.asp


    OEHS has created Reference Guide, 4492.1, School Traffic Safety, to assist school administrators in requesting traffic surveys, speed limit signs, pavement markings, crossing guards or other assistance to resolve traffic safety issues.

    Safety Valet Program

    OEHS is encouraging schools to implement a Safety Valet Program to improve student safety during morning drop-off times. In addition to improving student safety, the program provides more fluid movement of vehicular traffic directly around schools. For additional information on the School Valet Program, please refer to Reference Guide No. 5496.1, Implementing a Safety Valet Program at Schools, or Safety Alert 11-04, Safety Valet Program . Safety Valet Kit ordering information is available by CLICKING HERE.

    Safety Valet Program - Video

    OEHS and the Los Angeles School Police Department have developed a video that provides site administrators with an overview of the Safety Valet Program.  Click the link below to view the video.  Safety Valet Program (video)

    Metro Transit Education Program

    The Metro Transit Education Program provides transit education to the public and schools along the Metro Rail Lines (Blue, Gold and Red Lines).  It offers students the opportunity to ride the train and receive specific safety information, site specific presentations in the schools and a mobile theatre.  The goal of the Transit Education Program is to increase public awareness and teach residents of the Los Angeles County how to live safely around trains and buses.  Contact the Metro Community Relations Department for more information at (213) 922-4050 or visit www.metro.net/ridesafely.


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