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  • IDEC Teachers
    IDEC Students
    • Are selected based on their unique skills, knowledge and experience
    • Provide evidence-based intervention in reading, writing, and mathematics
    • Emphasize meta-cognitive strategies and differentiation of instruction for students
    • Monitor student progress frequently and share results with parents regularly
    • Participate in frequent training to enhance their instructional expertise and knowledge
    • Collaborate with staff in partner schools to share effective strategies
    • Are assisted by one to two special education paraprofessionals who provide support to the 8-10 students in each classroom
    • Are struggling readers who demonstrate significant difficulty in reading fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension
    • Are identified for IDEC through the IEP process which includes the participation of a member of the IDEC Team
    • Participate in physical education and elective classes
    • Receive a battery of diagnostic reading and math assessments to determine their areas of strength and academic need
    • Use interactive technology and web-based programs to support learning
    • Become engaged learners who develop effective study skills that support their ongoing success in school