IDEC Frequently Asked Questions



    1.What is IDEC?

    IDEC services are intended to provide direct, targeted reading instruction to students who have not responded to previous reading interventions. The goal is for students to become more efficient readers in order to successfully access the general education curriculum.


    1. Where is IDEC located?

    IDEC is located at 23 school sites throughout the district from grades K-12. The application and brochure may be found at


    • Northeast:

    Telfair Elementary School, Cohasset Elementary School, Madison Middle School, Mount Gleason Middle School

    • Northwest: Sutter Middle School, Napa Elementary School
    • Central: Norwood Elementary, Burbank Middle School, Clinton Middle School
    • East: Belvedere Elementary School, Gates St Elementary, Hollenbeck Middle School, Nightingale Middle School,
    • South: De La torre Elementary, 135th Street Elementary School, White Middle School
    • West- Marvin Elementary, Ramona Elementary School, Virginia Road Elementary, Johnnie Cochran Middle School, Mann Middle School


    1. How long do students stay in IDEC?

    Participation in IDEC is determined by student need. Generally, the service lasts for one semester to one year.  Transition support is provided once services are discontinued to facilitate continuation of strategies learned.


    1. Can parents visit the Center?

    Yes. Once a student is accepted to the IDEC program, parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an IDEC instructional team member in order to visit the Center and observe the structure and methodology of the program.


    1. What type of training does the IDEC staff have?

    All teachers and staff are highly qualified and trained in evidence based literacy practices and strategies used by the centers.


    1. How many teachers and students will there be?

    At elementary centers, IDEC services will be provided to 8-12 students with one teacher and two paraeducators throughout specific classes during the school day.  At middle school centers, 8-12 students attend IDEC classes with 1 teacher and 2 paraprofessionals. Co-teaching models (two teachers and one paraeducator) are also implemented in designated centers.


    1. 7. What programs will be used at the Center?

    IDEC uses a toolbox approach with a variety of research based literacy practices and strategies.


    1. Will the student continue to receive DIS services?

         Yes, all of the student’s DIS/related services will continue, in accordance with their IEP.

         The DIS/related service providers may be different if the student is not at his/her home school.



    1. Will transportation be available?

         If the student is not at his/her home school, school to school transportation will be provided       

         between the child’s current school of residence and the closest available IDEC Center.  

         However, this is dependent on whether a bus route is available and ride time doesn’t

         exceed the maximum of 90 minutes each way.


    1. How long will the student be in the Center?

    Intensive literacy instruction will be provided to students in daily 45-120 minute blocks while attending general education and/or special education classes for the remainder of the day.  Length of time can also be assessed according to each student’s instructional need (and evaluated on a case by case basis). 


    1. How will student’s progress be monitored?

    Each student’s progress will be monitored weekly.  In addition, an IEP meeting is held to

    discuss each student’s level of performance, goals and objectives and appropriate placement for the upcoming school semester or year.



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