• Theatre


  • Theatre allows a community to tell its stories.

    Theatre instruction in LAUSD is diversified, ranging from foundational skills in the elementary grades to fully mounted productions in secondary schools.

    California Standards for Theatre fall into five strands:

    Artistic Perception involves observing the environment and constructing meaning from it as well as building theatre vocabulary;
    Creative Expression is creatively planning, preparing and carrying out a theatrical activity or performance;
    Historical & Cultural Context provides a rich historical context for students and allows them to look at a culture through the lens of a particular time and place;
    Aesthetic Valuing is the ability to analyze the feelings and thoughts elicited by theatrical experiences; and
    Connections, Relationships, Applications helps students become responsible and creative workers, informed consumers, and effective communicators.

     Contact Information:
     Matthew Kennedy, Theatre & Film Adviser

    213-241-2532; matthew.kennedy@lausd.net 

    Students at 15th Street Elementary School in San Pedro