• The Educational Options Program is the largest and most successful dropout prevention program in the United States. Every year, approximately 16,000 students enroll at one of the 56 Educational Options schools located throughout the District. Options schools provide students with instruction that meets each individual’s needs as mandated by California Education Code 48430. 


    Small Learning Communities

    Options schools are designed to provide students a smaller, more personalized education supported by knowledgeable, supportive educators working collaboratively. The Options schools’ strength is their focus on individualized instruction which includes open entry; relevant, rigorous, standard-based instruction; high expectations; and competency-based teaching and learning.

    Open entry

    Students may enroll at an Options school any time throughout the school year. This continuous enrollment format allows students to begin, continue, and complete classes at any time during the year.

    Relevant, rigorous, standards-based instruction

    Through individualized instruction, directed teaching, small learning groups, exhibitions, and project-based learning, students receive a relevant, rigorous, standards-based instruction.

    High expectations

    Options students are consistently expected to meet the same rigorous levels of competency as students in traditional schools.

    Competency-based teaching and learning

    Because student work is competency-based, students do not complete a course until they successfully demonstrate an understanding of the California course standards. Options schools do not issue failing marks. Options schools provide students with personalizing teaching and learning, allowing each student the amount of instructional time needed to learn the California course standards.