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Safe School Inspection Program

  • Self-Certification of Safety Deficiencies  

    For a step-by-step guide on how to use Principal’s Corner to self-certify deficiencies found during an inspection, click here.
    Please self-certify those deficiencies which have been corrected by visiting the Principal's Corner webpage at  http://www.laschools.org/new-site/my-school/principal-search.

    Safe School Inspection Program  

    Refer to the Safe School Inspection Guidebook (Revised August 2022) for a list of standard corrective actions to address any noncompliance with specific regulatory requirements.

    In order to prepare for a Safe School Inspection, administrators should have the following materials on hand for review by the inspector:

    A. Injury/Illness Prevention Plan
    B. Any regulatory permits issued to the school
    C. Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan (secondary schools only)
    D. A copy of the Hazard Communication Program
    E. Availability of the Asbestos Management Plan
    F. Health and safety training records
    G. Copies of both volumes of site's Safe School Plan
    H. Availability of the Integrated Pest Management Plan
    I. Copies of completed Accident Investigation forms

    The following guidance document was created in order to prepare classroom teachers for a Safe School Inspection: Common Classroom Safety Violations.  It outlines common safety hazards typically found in classrooms and offers advice on how to correct and prevent hazardous conditions.  This document can also be used as part of the training required by your site Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

    Construction Safety Inspections  

    Many existing schools are undergoing modernization or other construction activity. Construction projects are designed to minimize disruption of school operations and ensure the health and safety of students and staff. However, in the event that construction activity creates a condition that potentially places school occupants at risk, notification should be made to the Project Manager and OEHS. For further information, refer to Safety Alert No. 04-09, Safety Precautions for Staff at School Sites under Construction (*.pdf).