• Step 3A: See below if you cannot find your item at General Stores Distribution or Master Agreements and your purchase is less than $25K. Always remember that Procurement Services encourages competition regardless of the dollar threshold.

    You may proceed to meet your need through the low dollar purchases if the good, commodity, general services or professional services is under $25,000. Low dollar value purchases are Procurements within the range of $1 up to $25,000. These Procurements typically are not subject to competition, however we encourage you to compete at all dollar thresholds to ensure that you obtain the best price.

    Please review the Procurement Manual Section for Low Dollar Purchases (Chapter 4, Section D) for a complete description of the low dollar value purchase requirements. If you have any questions regarding low value purchase orders, please contact the numbers below:

    • For Professional Services (PD CS) call (213) 241-8765
    • For Commodities and General Services (PD LV) call (562) 654-9303

    P-Card for Purchases from $1 to $1,500/$3,000
    For low dollar value transactions between $1 to $1,500/$3,000, you may utilize your location's P-Card (Credit Card) for goods, commodities, general services and professional services. Use the links below for the more information on the P-Card.

    P-Card Contact List (Including direct phone numbers to staff assigned to each LD)
    P-Card Website
    Procurement Manual Section for Payment Through a P-Card (Chapter 4, Section D)