• Who are we?

    Operations Unit

    Provides necessary support and guidance to school leaders at more than 165 schools to help and maintain a safe and caring environment that supports student learning and achievement.  Operations staff assists school communities with implementing District guidelines and developing coherence and capacity through the use of collaboration, data management tools, educational learning tools, professional learning opportunities, and other support systems.

    Fiscal Services

    Fiscal Services staff at the Local District Central provides oversight and direction for a variety of financial and business activities to each school site administrators and Local District Central administrators in the areas of budget development, budget transfers, position control, purchasing, payroll, Imprest fund and P-card reconciliation, and personnel and financial business services.  School Fiscal Services also provides training and guidance to school administrators and District administrators in the management of General Fund and Categorical accounts. 

    Human Resources

    Human Resources is committed to ensure an effective teacher in every classroom.  Our two Personnel Specialists serve Local District Central as the source of HR support for teachers, principals, and District offices related to staffing our schools.  Our TQS (Teacher Quality Specialist) assists schools and principals in their support of new teachers by developing strategies to retain and connect new teachers to various district resources.  Our collaborative work together will ultimately result in providing every student with access to a high quality education. 

    Nursing Services

    Nurses are members of a multidisciplinary team established to meet the health and educational needs of all LAUSD students.  The program component includes health assessment, communicable disease control, state mandated screenings, such as vision and scoliosis, emergency care, disaster preparedness, immunization follow-up, child abuse reporting, suicide risk assessment, utilization of approved community resources, and health education of students and staff.  School Nurses train, assign, and supervise unlicensed personnel to provide Specialized Physical Health Care Services for students with special needs.  Also, School Nurses provide direct specialized physical health care for students with special needs.  School Nurses focus on students’ health to promote student attendance and achievement.

    Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA)

    Local District Central Pupil Services has 25 school-based counselors that service 52 schools and overall service area is 167 schools. The mission of Pupil Services is to ensure that all LAUSD students are enrolled, attending, engaged, and on-track to graduate. Pupil Services Counselors work with students, parents, school staff, and communities to increase student attendance and engagement toward better academic outcomes for all students.

    Attendance is integral part of student’s academic success and our parents, teachers, support staff, and administration all have an important role to foster and encourage our children to attend school daily and on time. I am confident that our collegial partnership in Local District Central will do their best to promote attendance and academic achievement for all our students that we serve.

     School Mental Health Services

    School Mental Health professionals promote the mental health, well-being and academic achievement of all LAUSD students. Local District Central-School Mental Health has 42 school-based Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs) that service 56 schools, and Wellness Centers that provide mental health services to our students and families.  In addition, there are two assigned Mental Health Consultants that can provide consultation and support to the Local District Central community.  The following include some of the Professional Development trainings addressing the mental health needs of students: Stigma reduction, Behavior Management, Trauma informed practice, Suicide prevention/intervention, Threat Assessment, and Self-injury.28716

     Organization Facilitators

    The role of the Organization Facilitator (OF) is to improve student achievement through the collaborative delivery of school and community services that will reduce physical, emotional and social barriers to learning.  The O.F.’s serve as liaisons between the Division of Student Health and Human Services, Operations Unit, and schools for the purpose of assisting in the development of coordinated services.  O.F.’s are the catalysts that link these critical elements together in our Districts.  When health and human services are coordinated and integrated with the community and with instruction, children are able, willing and ready to learn.

    Restorative Justice

    The Restorative Justice Lead Adviser and Restorative Justice Teachers pro in Local District Central provide the following support to the Restorative Justice Demonstration and Implementation Schools:

    ·         Training key staff with supporting the implementation of the Discipline Foundation Policy: School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.

    ·         Conduct training and provide support to assist schools in the implementation of Restorative Justice practices that emphasize a proactive problem-solving model to support student discipline.

    ·         Plan and conduct professional development, training and presentations on Restorative Justice practices to all administrators, teachers, parents and school staff.

    ·         Follow-up with school site visits to support implementation of Restorative Justice practices.

    ·        Support schools in reviewing their data and survey results used to monitor Restorative Justice practices.