Employment Verification Through the Work Number

  • Most employment verifications can be quickly obtained by calling The Work Number®.  The Work Number® is an automated service that allows third parties (e.g., mortgage companies, prospective landlords, and social service agencies, etc.) to obtain verification of employment and income for employees. The Work Number® is widely known to mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes, and social service agencies. The Work Number® can be used anytime, anywhere – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


    Employees must obtain a salary key number to authorize third parties access to employee information.  LAUSD cannot provide the salary key number; it must be obtained through The Work Number®.  To obtain a salary key number, please follow these 2 steps:


    Step 1:

    Access The Work Number®:

    • http://www.theworknumber.com


    • (800) 367-2884 (employees)


    • (800) 367-5690 (Lenders)


    • (800) 660-3399 (Social Services)


    • 800-996-7566 (Customer Service)


    Step 2:

    Log-in by entering the following information to obtain a Salary Key number:


    • LAUSD Company Code 10721


    • Employee Number (include leading zeros for a total of 8 digits)


    • PIN (last 4 digits of Social Security Number and last 4 digits of your employee number)


    Important: Please be prepared to write down the Salary Key Number.


    Please note that agencies must register to use The Work Number® service.

    Housing Authorities and Child and Family Services may qualify for a fee waiver.


    If there are discrepancies in the employment verification provided by The Work Number®, contact the Employee Relations Section of LAUSD’s Human Resources Division via email at employeeverify@lausd.net  or by fax: (213) 241-8404. 


    To expedite processing, please include a copy of the verification report from The Work Number®, along with your email or fax request.