Chemical Product Evaluation Program

    To date, OEHS has evaluated more than 6,000 products. Visitors to the OEHS website may search the Chemical Product List & download Safety Data Sheets (SDS) via SDS Online or SDS Search by Barcode. Authorized departments (e.g. Facilities Technical Services and Design Standards, Food Services, Maintenance and Operations, and other departments as determined by OEHS) may send a reqeust to OEHS to evaluate a new chemical product for use in and around District schools and offices. Facilities Technical Services and/or Design Standards must first determine if the product meets LAUSD specifications. Authorized departments will then submit the Chemical Product Evaluation Form along with the SDS for OEHS to evaluate.
    All chemicals must have proper labeling. Click here for labels available for you to print at your site. For a detailed explanation of the program, please click the following link: 
    Playground Equipment Review

    OEHS reviews and approves the design, layout and surfacing material for playground equipment before purchase. To request a review of playground equipment or products, contact OEHS at (213) 241-3199.