Truancy negatively impacts our students, families, schools, and communities. Poor attendance at all grade levels, including kindergarten, directly impedes academic performance. Additionally, poor attendance is one of the strongest early predictors of student dropout.
    California Education Code (E.C.) section 48200 states that each person between the ages of 6 and 18 years shall attend school for the full length of the school day. E.C. section 48260 defines truancy as absence from school without a valid excuse; three full days in one school year, or tardy or absent for more than any 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions in one school year, or any combination thereof. E.C. section 48260 also mandates that school districts notify a pupil’s parent/guardian upon a pupil’s initial classification as a truant.
    Uncleared absences and absences for which a valid excuse was not provided will be counted toward truancy classification. District policy requires that any tardy, absence, and early leave be cleared within ten school days.In the event of the excessive use of absence reason code 1P, schools shall notify and document in MiSiS that the parent/guardian must provide additional documentation for all future absences.

    Schools can refer to REF-5464.6, Initial Notification of Truancy (NOT) Letter for more information.

    NOT Timeline

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