Completing High School

  • Students with disabilities can earn a diploma or a certificate of completion. Students may earn a certificate of completion prior to receiving their diploma, as they may meet those requirements prior to meeting the requirements for a diploma.
    Diploma: In order to earn an LAUSD diploma, a student must earn 210 credits in the required A-G coursework. 
    Certificate of Completion: Students with an IEP earn a certificate of completion by meeting any one of the following conditions:

    • Satisfactory completion of 210 credits of a prescribed alternative course of study as identified on the student’s IEP; or
    • Satisfactory achievement of his/her IEP goals and objectives during high school as determined by the IEP team; or
    • Satisfactory high school attendance, participation in the instruction prescribed in his /her IEP and achievement of the transition goals and objectives.



    As part of a District-wide effort to increase high school graduation and completion rates for all students, as well as improve the accuracy of student graduation and completion data in the District’s My Integrated Student Information System (MiSiS) and student cumulative files, the Division of Special Education is assisting all District-operated schools serving grade 12 students with identifying and preparing certificates of completion for eligible students with disabilities. The Division of Special Education sends schools pre-printed certificates of completion for eligible students.
    Students earning a certificate of completion may also qualify for a diploma if they have met diploma requirements. Students who are expected to meet diploma requirements this school year should be awarded a diploma; a certificate of completion and/or diploma should be issued within the timeframe and clearance guidelines as established by the school site.
    Students with disabilities who qualify for a certificate of completion are eligible to participate in one graduation ceremony and any school activity related to graduation in which students of similar age without disabilities would be eligible to participate.
    Students who earn a certificate of completion may continue to pursue a diploma and are eligible to continue receiving special education services through 21 years of age.
    Note: Per CA Ed Code, 56026.1 (a) As provided in Section 300.102(a)(3)(i) of Title 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations, an individual with exceptional needs who graduates from high school with a regular high school diploma is no longer eligible for special education and related services.