Beginning Teacher Growth & Development Induction (BTGDI) (formerly BTSA)


    Beginning Teacher Growth & Development Induction (BTGDI), formerly known as BTSA, is a California Commission on Teaching Credentialing approved teacher induction program, committed to supporting beginning teachers to grow and develop as professional educators.  BTGDI is approved by the Commission to offer and implement an induction curriculum that will lead to fulfilling the requirements for the California Clear Multiple Subjects and Single Subject credentials.  In the induction process, BTGDI engages teachers holding preliminary teaching credentials in a job-embedded formative assessment system of intensive individualized support and professional growth in becoming highly effective classroom practitioners. As the BTGDI website continues to evolve, we hope teachers who are interested in clearing their general education preliminary Multiple Subjects or Single Subject credentials and those who are currently participating teachers in BTGDI will find the information and resources easily accessible and useful in meeting individual needs.


     BTGDI--A Closer Look


    Beginning Teacher Growth & Development Induction (BTGDI) uses an alternative induction process to support teachers in clearing their general education preliminary teaching credentials.  While the familiar Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT) induction process uses school-based support providers to support participating teachers, BTGDI uses the Formative Assessment System(FAS) induction process and uses a Full Release Mentor Model.  Participating teachers (PT) in BTGDI are each assigned an extensively trained and experienced mentor who: 1) travels to the schools where participating teachers are assigned to provide one-on-one support, 2) coordinates small group support at BTGDI satellite locations throughout the district, or 3) provides a combination of one-on-one and small group support to participating teachers throughout the academic year. The type and level of support is based on the level of experience and level of support needed by each participating teacher. 


     BTGDI-- Flexibility and Individualized Support


    The flexibility of the Full Release Mentor Model allows for the type and level of support to be aligned and individualized to meet the needs of each participating teacher.  While the type and level of support for each participating teacher is individualized, BTGDI mentors will support every participating teacher to grow and develop as professionals, advance in the focus elements of the LAUSD Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF), and progress along the Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP) in the essential elements of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).  Mentors meet with participating teachers on average of 1.5 hours per week.  Using the Full Release Mentor Model along with the Formative Assessment System (FAS) induction process, BTGDI can provide maximum flexibility for participating teachers to meet with mentors and to receive the necessary support to complete the requirements of induction, set by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Important features and highlights of BTGDI include:


    Key Elements of the BTGDI Full Release Mentor Model

    •     Full-time release mentors
    •     On-going individualized professional development and mentor support
    •     Utilization of the New Teacher Center (NTC) Formative Assessment System (FAS)
    •     Classroom instruction and content-focused mentoring
    •     Beginning teacher network for professional development
    •     Active participation and communication with site administrators
    •     Focus on Pedagogy (Induction Std 5) and Universal Access: Equity for all students (Induction Std 6)


    BTGDI Eligibility

    Participating teachers must:

    •    be assigned to a LAUSD or LAUSD Affiliated Charter School
    •    hold a California Preliminary Teaching Credential in general education (i.e., Multiple or Single Subject)
    •    currently be serving in a full-time teaching position


    (NOTE: Teachers in any substitute assignment, pool, pre-K infant, or ROP assignments are ineligible to participate in BTGDI.)

    Additional eligibility requirements or criteria may apply.  Application to BTGDI is required to determine eligibility for participation.



    Essential BTGDI Requirements

    •    Apply to BTGDI, to determine eligibility for participation
    •    Attend a BTGDI Orientation Meeting, once eligibility has been confirmed
    •    Sign BTGDI Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Dispositions documents
    •    Establish and fully participate in weekly meetings with BTGDI mentor
    •    Attend professional development as required 
    •    Completion of two-year Formative Assessment System (FAS) induction process

    The above only highlights some of the major BTGDI requirements.  Successful completion of all BTGDI requirements will lead to the recommendation for a California Clear Credential.


     For additional information, contact:  Janet Peaks, Administrative Coordinator, at (213) 241-4252 or via e-mail at janet.peaks@lausd.net