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Waste Management


    Rubbish Collection & Recycling Services
    Monday - Friday
    7:30 am - 4:30 pm 
    Hotline: (213) 241-3955
    Email: wastemanagement@lausd-oehs.org 



    Please submit a Work Order through MAXIMO for the following services:


    Recycling services: student training, lunchtime recycling, teacher workshops

    Call for missed pick-ups: if your trash or recycling was not picked up on your scheduled days, call us immediately the next day
    Call for extra pick-ups: special events or any time outside of your scheduled pick-up days to prevent trash or recycle bins from overflowing
    Bin cleaning: bins are scheduled for cleaning twice a year, but call us anytime for extra cleanings
    Bin exchanges: broken wheels, missing and/or broken lids, etc.

    Waste Management & Recycling Documents  


    Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions