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    The Office of Environmental Health and Safety administers the District-wide rubbish contract with Republic Services. Republic Services provides LAUSD with trash, recycling and green waste disposal services. This page contains valuable information that can help Plant Managers, Site Administators and non-school staff obtain additional services, report missed services and perform a variety of other rubbish tasks.


    New for Fall 2021: Recycle training available via Zoom! Plant Managers may request recycle training via the Plant Manager's Kiosk. Teachers and site staff may request recycle training via their Site Plant Manager.

    Know Your BinOEHS provided a number of services that include:

    • Extra pickup requests
    • Missed pickup requests
    • Bin cleaning
    • Bin exhanges
    • Customer Service Requests

    Please click on the various sections below to learn more about the services OEHS Waste Managment can provide.


Service Request Flow Chart

The Maintenance Worker's Kiosk is the fastest way to submit your service requests and ensure that they are received by OEHS. If you are unfamiliar with the Kiosk, facilities has prepared a guide for your review.

When submitting service requests, please use the OEHS Rubbish/Recycling Route Codes below. Please include the number of bins, the type of bins (Trash/Recycling/Green Waste), the location of the bins and a short description of the service needed.


These are the OEHS Rubbish/Recycling Route Codes:

  • OEHS-31 - Missed Pick Up
  • OEHS-32 - Extra Pick Up
  • OEHS-33 - Bin Exchange
  • OEHS-34 - Bin Cleaning
  • OEHS-35 - Bin Removal
  • OEHS-36 - Bin Additional
  • OEHS-37 - Recycle Training
  • OEHS-38 - Recycling Carts
  • OEHS-39 - Recycling Baskets
  • OEHS-40 - Other


There are a few circumstances where site staff may be unable to access the Maintenance Worker's Kios to submit Waste Management service requests. In such circumstances, staff are able to submit service requests using the M&O Online Service Requests Tool.

You can click on the thumbnail below to see an example service request:

Service Request Example

In addition to managing rubbish services at the District, OEHS is also tasked with ensuring that as much waste is diverted away from landfills as possible. To help with this goal, Republic Services and OEHS have developed a Green Waste Pilot Program that helps divert green waste from trees and other plants away from land fills. Please review the Green Waste Pilot Program Flyer if your school is interested in taking part in the pilot!

LA Unified has partnered with Republc Services to bring waste reduction, recycling and composting to our campuses. The District has set a goal of achieving a landfill diversion rate of 70% and to increase recycling awareness across all district sites. To find out more about the District's recycling program visit the Recycling Simplified Website.