Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions


    Bin Exchanges
    Schools and Offices can exchange trash and recycle bins for their faulty bins. (Missing lids, broken wheels, leaks, etc.) Please remember to mark the faulty bins with a taped X to ensure the correct bins are exchanged.

    Bin Cleaning
    All trash and recycle bins are scheduled to be exchanged twice a year. Schools and office can request additional bin cleaning any time. 


    Missed Pick-ups
    Most trash bins are serviced twice per week and recycle bin once per week. The schedules are by day and not by a specific time. The rubbish company is contractually obligated to service the bins between 6am-6pm on the regularly scheduled service day. If a regularly scheduled service is missed, please call the next morning of the day missed to report the disruption in service.


    Extra Pick-ups
    Schools and offices can request an extra pick up for trash and recycle on any day. There is no need to request for extra pickups on your scheduled days for service. All calls received before noon time will be serviced same day.


    Classroom Recycle Baskets


    Schools and offices can order, free of charge, 3 –gallon classroom recycle baskets to encourage and support recycling in the classrooms.

    64 Gallon Recycle tilt-carts



    Schools and offices can order, free of charge, 64–gallon classroom recycle carts to be placed around the school campus to encourage more recycling in lunch and common areas. 


    Ordering Yellow Recycle Bags 



    Black Trash Bag


    Black trash bags are not allowed in the white/blue recycle metal bins. Instead, please order yellow recycles bags from procurement. Yellow bags are transparent and allow recycle drivers to confirm no trashes are present in the recycle bins before servicing them.


    Illegal Dumping on school sites Illegal Dumping Brochures

    If schools finds illegal dumping of items on their school site, please call 1(888)8DUMPING to have them picked up.