Data Management

  • Data symbols
    The data management team focuses on the development and implementation of a systemic process to collect and use data to evaluate and improve instruction, services, and operational support. Activities include:
    • Collecting and reporting data for use in decision-making, performance tracking and monitoring, trend analysis, issues identification and resolution,
    • Compiling and submitting mandated special education data reports to the California Department of Education,
    • Monitoring and evaluating data to ensure data integrity, consistency, and accuracy,
    • Producing reports for use by schools, Local Districts, District offices, executive staff, and Board members,
    • Monitoring the District's performance on the Modified Consent Decree (MCD) including the delivery of special education services and the integration of students with disabilities in general education programs,



    System of Internal Monitoring and Accountability

    The Data Management team is building systems to support schools to internally monitor their own special education programs, including:
    • Making data tools and reports more accessible to schools,
    • Monitoring the usage of those tools and reports,
    • Emphasizing data analysis, 
    • Conducting periodic data reviews to monitor the overall performance of special education in LAUSD.
    Current Focus
    • The timeliness of assessment plans and IEP team meetings,
    • The delivery of special education services in accordance with the frequency and duration indicated on the IEP, 
    • Educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment, including, as determined by the IEP team which includes the parent, the integration of students with disabilities attending special education centers into general education programs with their non-disabled peers.