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Senior College Booklet

  • We are excited to share the Senior College Booklet for the class of 2019.  We hope all seniors find the detailed college information helpful in navigating the college and financial aid application process.  If you need any support, please visit your high school counselor.


College Access Network (CAN)

  • The Division of Instruction is inviting you to College Access Network (CAN) training on a variety of college topics. The Collaborative of College Counselors, with the support of Local District College Counseling Coordinators, is excited to present 5 “college specific” full day trainings. Trainings are scheduled throughout the school year; participants may choose from multiple dates and attend as many trainings as they wish. All trainings are from 8 am to 3 pm. 


College Awareness Guides

College Readiness Block Grant Plan


Postsecondary Leadership Team

  • It is essential that all high schools support student exploration, planning, application and transition to postsecondary college and career opportunities.  The resources below are meant to help the Postsecondary Leadership Team (PLT) guide their efforts in identifying current practices and developing action plans to enrich the college readiness culture of the school. Please connect with your LD College Counseling Coordinator for support in developing your PLT or with other matters related to college readiness.


Preventing Summer Melt

  • Summer melt occurs when high school seniors, who have successfully graduated and earned acceptance to a postsecondary institution, do not enter their chosen college in the fall. Counselors supporting the successful transition to college can optimize their effectiveness by identifying students at risk of melting.  The Preventing Summer Melt Toolkit is a collection of best practices and resources to help prevent summer melt.


College and Career Education