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  • Student Expulsion Procedures

    The following information is provided to assist the student and his or her parent/guardian to understand District procedures when the expulsion of a student is being considered. Copies of this item, along with California Education Code Sections 48900 et seq. (grounds for suspension and/or expulsion), may be obtained upon request at the school site.


    1. Student is charged with violating one or more subsections of Education Code (E.C.) section 48900; 48900.2, 48900.3, 48900.4, or 48900.7; and/or 48915.
    2. Prior to suspending the student, the principal/designee has an informal conference with the student to discuss the allegation and to obtain the student’s written statement.
    3. School personnel will provide written notice of suspension to the parent/guardian.
    4. Principal/designee conducts a conference at school with parent/guardian and student to discuss the allegation(s) and the possibility of an expulsion recommendation. At this conference, parent and student are provided the opportunity to respond to the charge(s) and to present a defense.
    5. If principal decides to recommend expulsion, school personnel will notify the parent/guardian by mail.
    6. Pending disposition of expulsion recommendation, student may be placed in an alternative educational program. If student is not placed within five school days, the parent/guardian
      should call the AB 922 Placement Advisor at (213) 202-7570.



    1. The student should be present at the hearing.
    2. Parent/guardian has the right to be represented by a counsel or accompanied by an advocate or other representative.
    3. The school must present evidence to substantiate the charge; the parent/guardian and the student have the right to also present evidence.
    4. At the Expulsion Review Committee (ERC) hearing, reasonable and pertinent evidence shall be considered.
    5. The ERC may decide to not recommend expulsion (NRE). Should this occur, the expulsion process will stop and, depending on the reason for the NRE, the student will be permitted to return to the referring school or to another school/program, at the discretion of the District.
    6. If the ERC decides to recommend expulsion to the Board of Education, the parent/guardian will be notified by mail.
    7. Subsequently, the Student Discipline and Expulsion Support Unit will mail notification to the parent/guardian of the scheduled date that the Board will take action on the case.
    8. The parent/guardian and/or student may request to address the Board of Education.




    1. The Board may accept, alter, or reject the Expulsion Review Committee’s recommendation (unless the State mandates that, due to the misconduct, the Board must expel the student).
    2. The Board must make its decision at a public meeting.
    3. The parent/guardian and/or student may address the Board.
    4. The Board shall recommend a plan of rehabilitation for the student.
    5. If the student is expelled without the suspended enforcement, the District will provide assistance, as needed, to ensure an
      alternative educational placement.
    6. If the student is not expelled, the District will assign the student to a school or program within the District.
    7. An expelled student may be reinstated at the end of his or her term of expulsion if the student has complied with the rehabilitative contract and is deemed to not present potential danger to personnel or pupils of the District.




    The student or parent/guardian may appeal the expulsion to the Los Angeles County Board of Education within 30 calendar days following the Board’s decision to expel. For information on appeals to the Los Angeles County Board of Education, telephone (562) 922-6516.


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