EOC Materials

  • An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a physical location designed to support emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications activities. LAUSD staff meets at the EOC to manage preparations for an impending event or manage the response to an ongoing incident. By gathering the decision makers together and supplying them with the most current information, better decisions can be made. The District maintains a primary EOC and three back-up facilities located in different parts of the school district. The EOC supports the following incident management functions:

    Activation -Bring knowledge and expertise together to deal with events that threaten schools, students, and District operations

    Situation Analysis -Gather information to determine what is happening and to identify potential impacts

    Incident Briefing - Efficiently share information among team members

    Incident Action Plan - Provide a single point for decision-making and decide on a course of action for the current situation

    Resource Management - Provide a single point of contact to identify, procure and allocate resources

    Incident Management -Monitor actions, capture event data and adjust strategies as needed


    An EOC is not an on-scene incident command post (ICP) - where the focus is on tactics to deal with the immediate situation. An EOC is used to support on-scene activities through the prioritization of activities, gathering and disseminating information, and the allocation of available resources. 

    IS-2200 Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions* (Replaces IS 775 EOC Operations and Management) This free FEMA online course describes the role, design, and functions of Emergency Operations Centers and their relationships as components of a multi-agency coordination system. The course contains disaster-related examples, activities and case studies that relate to EOC's and multi-agency coordination systems at the local, state and federal levels of government. Each lesson in the web-based course has a printable version available as an additional resource.
    It is best to take the IS 100, 200, 700, and 800 courses* (linked on the STEPS website) before taking the EOC course.
    *All FEMA courses require a FEMA Student ID (FEMA SID) number, which must be applied for by the individual here. Please do not contact anyone in LAUSD regarding your FEMA SID number.
    LAUSD EOC Resources 
    Link to LAUSD EOC Sharepoint site for LAUSD EOC Responders is available here for your convenience.

    LAUSD EOP Handbook for Emergency Operations Center Responders