• Division Facts

    The Transportation Services Division supports the District's academic programs by providing safe, dependable, and cost-efficient transportation services. The Division strives for 100% on-time arrival of school buses to pick-up and drop-off students.  The Division also engages in the following tasks:
    • Processes requests, schedule buses, and track expenditures for 41,000 auxiliary trips annually
    • Operates 5 major garage facilities required to service approximately 3,000 District owned buses, trucks, autos and vans
    • Responds to District emergencies, resolve service problems and concerns from parents, school administrators, and the public
    • Provides a continuous program for the training of District bus drivers that exceed the requirements mandated by California law
    • Maintains fleet inventory documentation, including registration, ownership and licensing records, ensuring compliance with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and other regulatory agencies
    • Operates the largest compressed natural gas (CNG) school bus fleet in the nation with 600 CNG buses