• Regulations for School Bus Safety


    students crossing

    To Parents of School Bus Riders


    Responsibility for the safe transportation of school children is a joint effort and must be shared by parents, students and school personnel, as well as school bus drivers and supervisors.

    At the Bus Stop

    • Show respect for property around the bus stop.  Avoid littering or walking on planted areas.
    • Students should exit their personal cars prior to the arrival of the bus.  Remain at least 10 feet back from the curb.
    • Do not run toward the bus.  Wait in line until the bus has stopped completely and the door has been opened.
    • Board the bus in single file, without pushing.  Keep one hand free and use the handrail.

    Bus Pass Requirement and Riding

    • If you are a middle or senior high school student, you must show the driver your bus pass each time you board the bus.
    • While on the bus, you must remain seated, facing forward for the entire trip.  Keep your feet and legs out of the center aisle.  Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
    • While on the bus, loud conversation is distracting to the driver and unsafe.
    • Cell phone usage is for emergency purposes only; driver authorization is required.
    • Animals or large hazardous objects are prohibited on the school bus.
    • Smoking, eating, fighting, swearing, loud electronic devices, drinking and littering on the bus are not permitted.

    Leaving the Bus

    • You may get off the bus only at your assigned stop.  If you need a different stop in the afternoon, written permission must be obtained from the school administrator and Area Bus Supervisor (ABS).
    • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door is opened.  Follow the driver's instructions for the unloading sequence.  Hold the handrail for balance and safety while walking down the steps.  Stay back from the curb as the bus leaves.  Stay out of the Danger Zones (please refer to the "Official Notification Of Your Child's Transportation Schedule" pamphlet).

    Student Behavior on the Bus

    • The safe transportation of students requires responsible behavior by all persons who ride school buses.  Students who do not follow the regulations or the driver's instructions may be counseled or denied transportation.

    Transportation Information

    • To the extent feasible and considering traffic conditions, the District will provide transportation for eligible students within a maximum riding time of 90 minutes.  Secondary students residing within a five-mile radius or within the magnet school's attendance boundary (whichever is further) will not receive District transportation.