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    Coming Together in the Age of Coronavirus - YouTube

    What we can’t control or understand frightens us. Anxiety and suspicion rose as the Coronavirus pandemic spread. Crises cause us to evaluate our humanity and our vulnerabilities. The resources offered here are for teachers, parents and students to support ourselves and each other during this time.

    BREAKING: A survey of nearly 700 educators by the American Federation of Teachers and the New York Life Foundation found that only 15 percent said they felt comfortable addressing students' emotional needs, including anxiety, grief and trauma caused by the pandemic. Read More here about How Grief Training is Helping Educators

    Please also visit School Mental Health for mental health resources and visit family resources.


    Good teaching includes helping students process their thoughts and feelings about the world and creating space for them to bring their full selves to school. This document, Courageous Conversations with Students, provides tools, lesson plans, and practical advice for facilitating dialogues with students about power, privilege, oppression, and resistance.  They were adapted by the Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity.  Click here to view this resource. 


    COVID-19 Resources

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