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    Coming Together in the Age of Coronavirus - YouTube

    What we can’t control or understand frightens us. Anxiety and suspicion rose as the Coronavirus pandemic spread. Crises cause us to evaluate our humanity and our vulnerabilities. The resources offered here are for teachers, parents and students to support ourselves and each other during this time.

    BREAKING: A survey of nearly 700 educators by the American Federation of Teachers and the New York Life Foundation found that only 15 percent said they felt comfortable addressing students' emotional needs, including anxiety, grief and trauma caused by the pandemic. Read More here about How Grief Training is Helping Educators

    Please also visit School Mental Health for mental health resources and visit family resources.

Coronavirus Resources

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Viruses & Outbreaks

Explore resources and instructional materials about viruses and outbreaks. With the recent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important for students to learn about the science behind viruses and understand individual measures that can be taken to limit exposure and spread. This collection of resources provides timely updates regarding the coronavirus, describes what a virus is and how it spreads, offers an overview of the history of viruses and outbreaks around the world, and reveals essential guidelines for staying healthy.

Resources: CDC Coronavirus (COVID 19) – The Centers for Disease Control

Article: How Grief Training is Helping Educators - NBC News

Article: Structural Racism is Taking a Toll on Children's Mental Health - CNN

Article: The Art of Medicine - Historical Linkages: Epidemics, Economic Risk and Xenophobia - The Lancet

Article: The Mask Slackers of 1918 - New York Times

Article: California's Little Known Genocide - HISTORY

Article: Anti-Asian Hate Explodes - LA Times

Article: How to Stop the Pandemics of Hatred - CNN

Article: Understanding and Responding to Conspiracy Theories - Cornell Alliance for Science

Article: Coronavirus Protest Rallies Draw Extremists, Conservative Activists and Guns - ADL

Article: Stigmatization Complicates Infectious Disease Management - AMA Journal of Ethics, 2010

Article & Tips: The Coronavirus Surfaces Fear, Stereotypes & Scapegoating - ADL

Article & Webisode: When Xenophobia Spreads Like a Virus - NPR

Article & Video: Protecting Students from White Nationalists Influence During COVID19 - Meduium/Shelly Tochluk

Lesson Plan: Protect Yourself and Stand Against Racism - Facing History

Lesson Plan: Coronavirus and Infectious Racism - ADL

Lesson Plan: Diverse Books Matter - ADL

Lesson Plan: The Pyramid of Hate - ADL

Lesson: Teaching the Identity Iceberg - ADL

Handbook: Psychological First Aid for Schools, Teachers and Students During a Worldwide Pandemic - North American Center for Threat Assessment and Threat Response

Resources For Educators: COVID 19 - Children's Hospital Los Angeles, National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement

Resource: Just for Kids, A Comic Explaining the Coronavirus - NPR

Tips for Educators: Countering Biased Responses - Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsiblity 



Plagues and Pandemics in the Ancient and Midieval World (11min) - Ancient History Encyclopedia 

An Epidemic of Hate- Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Amid the Coronavirus (8min) - LA Times


Additional Resources to Explore:

Teaching Tolerance

Facing History and Ourselves

Anti-Defamation League


Article: Structural Racism is Taking a Toll on Children's Mental Health - CNN

Tips & Facts: Talking with Children about COVID 19 - CDC

Tips: Talking to Kids About the COVID19 Crisis - Child Mind Institute

Tips: Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the COVID Crisis - Child Mind Institute 

Tips: 7 Ways to Maintain Relationships During Your School Closure - Edutopia

Tips & Solutions: Spending the Crisis with the Family and Helping Little Ones - San Diego Union-Tribune

Tips & Webisode: Tips for Homeschooling During COVID - NPR

Picturebook: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus - NPR

Resources: Coronavirus Updates and Tips - Understood

Videos: Sesame Street Townhall on COVID + Additional Helpful Videos - CNN


 En Español

Coronavirus: Updates and Tips for returning to school from home. Coronavirus: actualizaciones y consejos para regresar a la escuela desde casa

Coronavirus: Pasar la crisis en familia y ayudar a los pequeños 

Enfrentando COVID-19 Juntos: Recursos Para Apoyar A Las Familias

Trinka y Sam luchan contra el gran virus. Un libro para niños

Plaza Sésamo ayuda a los niños a entender qué es la COVID-19 - Alimentación, higiene y hábitos saludables se promueven entre los más pequeños de casa para que de manera amena y divertida comprendan un tema complicado


Being physically distant doesn't mean we're not together.  It's difficult, but it’s necessary and temporary. 

Fear and Learning in America - Teen Vogue 

Tips: How Teenagers Can Protect their Mental Health during COVID19 - UNCEF

Article: 12 Teens on Being Stuck at Home Because of COVID - Buzzfeed

Tips: 36 Indoor Activities for Teens During a Pandemic - The Cubicle Chick

Tips: Don't be Discouraged, Here's How to Help During COVID - NPR

Tipsheet: Coping During a Pandemic - LACDMH



How to Prepare a Terrarium - Los Angeles Public Library

Epic Swish Basketball Shot Using Rube Goldberg Machine - Caters Clips

This Man is a Professional Useless Machine Builder - Great Big Story


Chat Spaces for LGBT+ Youth



GenderSpectrum Lounge



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