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As the school leader, you set the tone for your school. School campaigns are excellent ways to examine difficult but important topics, and to institutionalize a climate of respect.  Refer to these resources for ideas on school-wide campaigns.

Useful Resources: Lessons to Teach and Learn from "Unite the Right" by ADL

Responding to Hate and Bias at School

100 Days to Inspire Respect

Engaging Students in Peaceful Dialogues about Conflict and Bias

Not In Our School Campaign

Preventing Violent Extremism

ADL Mass Violence & Extremism

Teachers have the unique opportunity to promote a climate that is welcoming, socially supportive and just, caring, nurturing, and respectful for all. These sites linked have excellent resources for your use.

Useful Resources: 

Talking to children about shootings: An age-by-age guide


But What About Antifa?

Lessons to Teach and Learn from "Unite the Right" by ADL


ADL Mass Violence & Extremism

ADL Discussing Anti-Semitism

Handling Controversy in the Classroom

Policies on Guns in America

Should Hate Be Outlawed? A Simulation Activity on Penalty Enhancements for Hate Crime

Finding Resolve After the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

You are your child’s role model. Parents may feel uncomfortable talking about bias, prejudice, or violence with children. However, your child needs your guidance. Refer to these resources for recommendations on how to have productive age-appropriate conversations with your child. 

Useful Resources: But What About Antifa?

Talking to children about shootings: An age-by-age guide

Parents Guide Beyond the Golden Rule

How Do I Respond to My Child's Bias


Empowering Young People in the Aftermath of Hate

Empoderar a los niños y jóvenes tras un evento de odio

Gun Violence and Mass Shootings_ADL

Do's and Dont's of Talking to Kids of Color About White Supremacy

Discussing Hate- English

Hablar de Odio- Espanol

Gun Violence and Mass Shootings_ADL  

Facts for Families- Terrorism and War: How to Talk to Children

Finding Resolve After the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Affirming communities believe that all people have dignity and we, as caring people, appreciate our neighbors and celebrate the differences that make us all unique. We must ask ourselves, “What will happen to them if I do nothing?”  Refer to these resources on ways to affirm our communities.

Useful Resources: 

AntiBias Study Guides ADL

Anti-Muslim Bigotry and How to be an Ally

MPAC Safe Space

After Orlando - 100 Resources


Thank you for wanting to take the conversation further. These booklists offer a wide selection of readings for children of all ages on a variety of important social justice topics. 

Content: Social Justice book list

Teaching for Change book list

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  • Out for Safe Schools Campaign 2017

  • Bullying! We Stand Together

  • We Are One - Standing With Immigrant Families Campaign

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