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    On April 2010,the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the United Teachers LosAngeles (UTLA) sponsored the establishment of the Expanded School-BasedManagement Model (ESBMM) within LAUSD. The purpose of establishing ESBMM is toenhance flexibility, accountability, and local control for participatingschools to promote academic excellence and full engagement by the schoolcommunity. As one of the voluntary autonomous school models, schools can usetheir flexibilities to improve the educational learning environment and theirstudents’ performance.

    ESBMM Schools transfer authority directly to the school level. This schoolmodel provides charter-like flexibilities and local control of schools topromote academic excellence and full engagement of the school community.Funding is provided through a site-based funding model determined by theDistrict. Responsibility and decision-making over school operations istransferred to the administrator, teachers, parents, and in some cases, thestudents and community members through the School Leadership Council. Theseschools remain part of the District but have increased control overdecision-making and use of their resources. ESBMM schools are held to higherlevels of accountability in exchange for increased autonomy. They are open tostudents in accordance with the LAUSD student assignment plan.

    ESBMM schools are exempt from District policies but are still subject to stateand federal laws and applicable collective bargaining agreements. Allprovisions of the District-UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement continue toapply to UTLA bargaining unit members assigned to ESBMM schools.


    ESBMM Agreement with UTLA 04-01-10_signed


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