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Mission and Vision

Administrator's Message

In order to build a strong foundation that supports effective teaching and student learning, Local District Central Operations Unit is committed to building capacity and coherence to ensure that each school is providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment.

As such, we will provide support and guidance to all schools while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment that supports student learning and achievement.

Eugene L. Hernandez

Administrator of Operations



Teri Landázuri

Administrative Assistant


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Local District Central

333 South Beaudry Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Telephone: 213-241-0167

Fax: 213-241-2031


What's in the New!

Poster Contest Winner

Kenneth C.

Normandie Elementary

3rd Grade

Poster Contest Winner

Alejandra F. and Kyle M.

Marshall High School

10th Grade

  • What’s Due?

    10/22      Metal Detection Searches Week of 10/15

    10/26      More Than a Meal Applications

    10/29      Metal Detection Searches Week of 10/22

    11/2        Principal Certification

    11/5        Metal Detection Searches Week of 10/29

    12/7        Fall Rubric of Implementation (ROI) 

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