• Information Technology Customer Services (ITCS)

    ITCS provides high quality, professional and expeditious support and services to enable District schools and offices to meet the Superintendent’s goals, increasing student achievement and operational efficiency. It is our pleasure to provide you service.
    • Telecommunications and Network Support: Provides maintenance and support for the technology infrastructure at schools and offices. The following systems are supported by this branch:
      • Radio
      • Telephone
      • Public Address/Inter-communications (PA/Intercom)
      • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • IT Customer Support: Provides support for end users using technology and devices connected to the technology infrastructure. This branch performs the following functions:
      • Chat
      • Help Desk
      • Field Services
      • Remote Services
    • IT Integration Support: Provides on site, day-to-day, proactive and reactive local support to schools and offices. This branch  performs the following functions:
      • Onsite technology support for schools
      • Day to day maintenance of school site technology 
      • Support for the effective integration of technology at schools
    The IT Helpdesk serves as your single point of contact to obtain technology support and services.