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    Dear Stakeholders,
    My name is Christopher Downing and I am the proud Superintendent of Local District South. As we enter the 2017-18 school year, this website is designed to provide you with information regarding our Local District support team and resources.  We have included information regarding our Promise Agreements with California State University Dominguez Hills and Charles R. Drew University; as well as information on the many secondary schools that now offer dual enrollment college courses
    in partnership with our local community colleges.
    Local District South consists of 147 schools which have been combined into nine Networks to enhance our school support. Our Local District Vision is:
    “Local District South will ensure that all students engage in rigorous, relevant educational experiences in a safe, equitable, and nurturing environment based on the Common Core State Standards that meet their individual needs to successfully fulfill A-G requirements and the demands of college and career readiness in the 21st century.”
    Based on the LAUSD priority areas and 2016-17 school data, Local District (LD) South will focus on the following five goals for this year:
    Goal #1: Safe and Welcoming School Environments

    We understand that in order for our students to succeed, they must feel safe, cared for, connected and respected. We also understand that welcoming campuses are those that promote positive relationships, school connectedness; environments that are free from bullying, hazing and violence; environments that promote high student and staff attendance; and schools that are safe with well-maintained District facilities and offices that offer high-quality customer service to all stakeholders.

    Goal #2: 100% Early Literacy

    We understand that all research indicates that student success is increased when children are readers by age 9. All Local District South schools will focus on providing students with well-designed curriculum and engaging early literacy strategies aligned to shared high expectations for proficiency in literacy. Our schools will improve in the number and percentage of Pre-K through 2nd grade students reaching grade level benchmarks on the District’s DIBELS assessment.

    Goal #3: Interventions and Extended Opportunities for 100 % Graduation, A-G Success and Access to College and 21st Century Careers

    We understand that our District priority is to graduate students that are College and Career ready. Local District South Senior High schools will increase opportunities for all students to complete graduation and A-G requirements by providing school-based strategic interventions, extended learning opportunities, blended learning credit recovery and acceleration opportunities and pathways to college and 21st century careers.

    Goal #4: Engaging Differentiated and High-Quality Instruction to Ensure Proficiency for All

    We understand that each student has different learning needs. Local District South will provide differentiated instruction with student-specific supports to address the individual learning needs of all students. This customized and well-designed comprehensive instruction will embed research-based strategies to engage students and address the individual needs of students with disabilities, English Learners, Standard English Learners, Foster Youth and at-risk students.

    Goal #5: Improved Parent Engagement and Partnerships

    We understand that parents are partners in the education of our students. Local District South will facilitate trainings that provide parents with opportunities to learn how to best support education at home and at school. We will work with school teams to ensure high-quality customer service, environments that welcome and engage parents and the opportunities for parents and families to participate in community events, and to promote two-way communication between stakeholders to collaborate on viable solutions to school goals, initiatives, challenges and programs.

    For more information on how we will achieve these goals and ensure high-quality 21st century teaching and learning for our students click this link. This year, we will also host meetings within each family of schools entitled Coffee with the Local District Superintendent.

    Each of the eight Local District South Instructional Networks are supervised by an Instructional Director that provides supervision and evaluation of each principal; monitors the school instructional program; ensures that District policies are implemented; and ensures that school budgets are aligned to data-driven goals. The Instructional Directors, as well as a list of schools within each Network, are available by clicking this link.

    Schools also receive support from an Operations Coordinator that is responsible for monitoring the safety and well-being of students and ensuring that all District policies related to the safe and compliant operations of schools are implemented. The unit also supports schools’ implementation of Positive School-wide Behavior Support Plans. The administrator of the Operations Unit is Ms. Myrna Brutti, myrna.brutti@lausd.net.

    Local District South schools receive support from our Special Education Unit that consults and monitors instructional programs for students with disabilities; collects data and provides feedback for effective instruction and improved student achievement; works with parents and school staffs for support of individual students with disabilities in accordance with their Individualized Education Plan (IEP); and supports schools’ implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Plans. The Unit administrator is Jose Soto, jfs7834@lausd.net.

    The Local District South team includes our Parent and Community Engagement (PACE) Unit that provides training and support to school staffs on strategies to improve parent engagement; implements training support to school stakeholders on the School Site Council and advisory committees; and facilitates school trainings for parents on strategies to support student achievement in the home. The administrator of the PACE Unit is Theresa Arreguin, iarregui@lausd.net.

    Each Local District South school also receives instructional support from our team of content experts that develop and provide training to teachers and administrators on research-based strategies to implement the California State Standards. The Administrator of Instruction for Local District South is Pedro Garcia, pag0011@lausd.net and the names and positions of our Local District South Instructional Support team members are available by clicking this link.

    You are welcome to view our calendar which provides information on professional development and school activities taking place in Local District South. Schools may access our digital library of California State Standards-aligned professional development by clicking this link.

    If the information you were seeking is not available on our website or if you require our assistance, please call us Monday thru Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at (310) 354-3400.

    Christopher Downing

    Christopher Downing

    Area Superintendent, Local District South
    (310) 354-3400