• FAQs about GATE Testing for identification as Gifted in the Intellectual Ability Category

    1. Will the psychologist who tests my child ask him/her personal information?

    No. The psychologist is there only to administer the intellectual test. He/she will never ask your child any personal information.

    2. What is the earliest a child can be referred for intellectual testing?

    Gifted/Talented Program policy states that referrals for intellectual testing can be made as early as the second semester of kindergarten, pending approval of school’s GATE screening committee.

    3. Is the school required to test my child for GATE if I, the parent, request it?

    No. The screening committee at the school has the right to determine which students to refer for GATE testing. Referrals are made based on supporting evidence such as student work, test scores, teacher observation, etc. GATE programs are not held to the same rules, regulations and timelines as Special Education programs, therefore GATE referrals for testing is at the discretion of the school.

    4. Can I have my child practice and prepare for the intellectual test given by the psychologist?

    No. Students should not be pre-exposed to or prepare for any part of an intellectual test administered by the psychologist. The testing psychologist may invalidate the results if there is evidence that pre-exposure has occurred, resulting in a reassessment with a different test at a later date and further delaying test results.

    5. Can my child be tested until he/she “passes”?

    No. Students are tested only once unless a District GATE psychologist approves a request for reassessment submitted by the school. Reassessment is granted on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances. 

    6. How can I request for my child to be reassessed?

    A parent may write a letter to the principal explaining the rationale why the first assessment was invalid and/or not an accurate measure of the child's abilities. The principal will decide if the rationale is valid and will then submit the request with additional evidence such as test scores to the District GATE psychologist. The District psychologists in the GATE Office will review the request and if approved will schedule the reassessment.

    7. If my child does not “pass” the intellectual test, will he/she not have another chance to qualify as gifted?

    Yes. The test given by the psychologist is used to determine identification in the Intellectual Ability Category. There are six other categories of gifted identification that may be determined by performance on standardized tests (e.g., CST/Common Core, OLSAT-8), grades, portfolio work and/or an audition in the Performing Arts or a demonstration in the Visual Arts.

    8. Can a parent or teacher request a specific intellectual test be administered to the student?

    No. The designated GATE psychologist has the discretion to administer the most appropriate assessment for the student. Testing accommodations will be given as defined in the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if applicable.

    9. Can a student attending a private school be referred for intellectual testing?

    No. Students attending private school who reside within LAUSD boundaries may no longer go to their resident LAUSD school to request the referral paperwork.

    10. Does being identified as gifted mean my child will have to attend another school?

    No. Your child will remain at the current school and should be provided with differentiated instruction. Being identified as gifted does make your child eligible to apply to schools with a Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) program and/or Gifted/High Ability Magnet schools during the enrollment window.


    PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible to apply for a Highly Gifted Magnet school, a student must score in the “Highly Gifted” (99.9) or “Highly Gifted Applicable” (99.5-99.8) percentile range on the intellectual test.


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