• Professional Development (PD) Forms

    The District recommendation for GATE teachers is 16 hours of GATE-specific Professional Development per year (4 hours per year for administrators) for recency of training. 16 hours per year is required for SAS teachers as per their SAS designation agreement.


    GATE professional development can be obtained through training or fieldwork. The GATE Office offers a variety of PD options including:


    salary point classes

    banked-time Tuesdays presentations

    special topics workshops

    small group trainings

    coordinator meetings

    online offerings

    All classes will now be on MyPLN. Teachers may also participate in up to 8 hours of “fieldwork” including GATE lesson observation, differentiated planning, or professional discussion groups under the purview of their site-based administrator.


    Professional development records should be maintained by GATE/SAS teachers and administrators and can be downloaded from the link below. Forms are in template format and should be saved and the file renamed for use.

    Click here for the “Professional Development Evaluation”

    Click here for the “Professional Development Record”