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  • It is important that all schools complete the Seal of Biliteracy Designee form so that MMED knows who to contact with regards to information for the Seal of Biliteracy.  Please be sure to complete the form by click on the link below.

    High School Seal of Biliteracy Designee Form:  link

    High School Seal of Biliteracy Informational Session Slide Deck:  link

    High School Seal of Biliteracy Policy:  link

    High School Seal of Biliteracy Job Aide for MISIS:  link

    World Languages Cultures & Policies

    In today’s interconnected world and global economics, students who deeply understand different cultures and who are proficient in more than one language are better poised for future successes.

    Scientists who study the brain say that learning multiple languages at a young age provides multiple benefits such as:  stronger cognitive abilities, deeper academic understanding, multicultural awareness and heritage connections.

    The LA Unified School District has a  diverse student body which represents more than 92 different languages spoken in LA Unified schools.  The Global California initiative envisions that by 2030 half of California’s K-12 students will be enrolled in programs that will develop proficiency in two or more languages.


    REF-5306.9 Guidelines for Issuing the California Department of Education State Seal of Biliteracy and L.A. Unified Seal of Biliteracy Awards for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Entering Biliteracy Seal Awards Information in the Transcripts Screen for High Schools


Seal of Biliteracy Campaign Materials

  • For more information on the Seal of Biliteracy in English and Spanish click here or on the image below.


  • For an informational video on the Pathway to Biliteracy and Seal of Biliteracy Awards click below.

     English Video




    Spanish Video (Español)

       spanish ssb