Categorical Equipment

  • Categorical Equipment: a piece of equipment with an acquisition cost of $500 or more per unit that was purchased using categorical funds.

    Categorical Funds: Federal grants allocated to the District/schools. A list of the current year's categorical funds can be found below.

    • Title I: 7S046, 70S46, 7E046
    • Title I, PSP: 7577U
    • CSI: 7T691
    • ESSER II Carryover: 15583
    • ESSER III - ARP: 15649, 15653, 15659, 15671, 15676, 15999, 16028, 16181

    Some schools might have additional categorical funds. Contact the appropriate department that oversees the federal fund if you have any questions about inventory.

    Reason for Inventory: All Title I schools are required to submit a complete and compliant Categorical Equipment Inventory, on a yearly basis, regardless of whether equipment was purchased or not.

    Federal Program Monitoring (FPM), Compensatory Education 15  – The spending of Title I, Part A funding on equipment shall maintain a historical inventory record for each piece of equipment with an acquisition cost of $500 or more per unit. 

    Navigating this Section: Below is a description of all the pages located on the right navigation menu. These pages will assist you with purchasing, inventorying and the disposal of equipment.

    • Categorical Equipment Inventory – District bulletin with directions of how to submit your yearly Categorical Equipment Inventory.
    • Download School CEI – This will provide you with the most recent CEI that was submitted to FSEP. You can use this as your base to submit your CEI for the new school year.
    • Title I Equipment Purchases - List of current year purchases using categorical funds for your school.
    • STEED Evacuation Chairs - ESSER funded evacuation chairs were purchased during 2022-2023. These evacuation chairs must be listed on the CEI for the 2022-2023 school year.
    • Federal Award Identification Number – Required number that must be listed with each piece of equipment. This page will help you with determining the right number for each piece of equipment.
    • Request Red Labels - Form used to request mandated red labels that belong on categorical equipment over $500.
    • Disposal of Categorical Equipment – This page provides guidance for the removal of stolen, lost, or broken equipment with a cost of $500 or more.
    • Arey Jones PO Lookup – Some Arey Jones purchase orders can be looked up here to figure out the serial numbers of the devices that were purchased.
    • Equipment Vendor List - Contact list for commonly used vendors in Title I
    • Equipment Classifications – Tool to assist schools when purchasing equipment. It will outline the warranty restrictions and the commitment code that is generally applicable to the item. 
    • Allowable Warehouse Items – List of technology (and SIM) that can be purchased using Title I funds from the District Warehouse. These items generally do not have to be inventoried unless they go over $500 each.
    • Contact Equipment Specialists – List of trained specialists that can assist you throughout the year in completing your CEI or walk you through the process of disposal. They can also answer questions about the reasonableness, purchasing and appropriate funding of a purchase, for a price.