• Frequently Asked Questions

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Paper has Spanish and Mandarin. Tutor.com has Spanish.

All students in grades K-12 have FREE access to on-demand tutoring help before or after school. All elementary and K-8 span schools have Paper.co. All secondary, K-12 and 6/8-12 span, options, and virtual academies have Tutor.com.


Tutoring will take place on campus in an appropriate area designated by school staff. 

Two is the minimum, since 1 to 1 tutoring is not available at this time.


Please contact the tutoring designee or school administrator for support. 

Tutors supervise the students during their sessions. School site personnel and Beyond the Bell (or after-school program staff)  provide general after-school supervision.

Each school has a tutoring designee to support students and tutors with program matters. 

The expectation is that students will have the same tutor. 

Yes. Schools will coordinate snacks/supper supper for participating students with its Cafteria staff.