STairway Emergency Evacuation for Disabilities

    An OEM Program Providing Disaster Equity and Access

    The STEED program provides an Evac Chair and hands-on training to every LAUSD multi-story school to facilitate safe and effective emergency evacuation for all students, regardless of physical ability. An Evac Chair allows students with disabilities and health conditions to evacuate using the stairways in an emergency alongside their classmates, providing disaster equity and access for our students.

    Training Opportunities in Each Local District

    STEED Evac Chair training was offered in each Local District during the August 2022 Professional Development days and over 120 schools were trained. We have now transitioned to the next training phase, in which training is concentrated in one Local District at a time. In the 2022-2023 school year, we anticipate completing Local Districts South, East, and Central. 

    Schools that were fully trained during the August 2022 PD days were shipped a chair in November 2022. 

    Schools that were fully trained from Local District South were shipped a chair in December 2022.