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    Theory of Action:

    A Theory of Acton, more than just a plan, is a connected set of intentions that describes how behavioral and structural changes will lead to improved practices, and as a corollary, result in improved student outcomes. A school’s Theory of Action allows the school team to more clearly see the ratinale for changes that will have to happen for a desired outcome to occur. It is often conceptualized in the following IF, THEN formula:

    IF the principal does X, THEN the teacher will be able to do Y, which will result in students learning…

    Assessment Strategy:

    An Assessment Strategy is the school’s plan for collecting data for the specific purpose of monitoring and evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of the school’s Theory of Action. An elegant Assessment Strategy creates coherence and alignment around data so that incoming information can be leveraged towards the refinement of the Theory of Acton without overwhelming the staff who administer the assessments.

    Query-Based Analytics

    Query-Based Analytics (OBA) is the process of identifying subgroups that are often overlooked and unsupported by data and/or intervention. Query-Based Analytics allows educators to integrate multiple sources of data to gain insight into these subgroups and intervene with nuanced instructional modifications that personalize the learning experience for each student.  

    Practice Improvement

    Practice Improvement is the process of utilizing incoming data to improve and refine individual and collective teaching practices and competencies.  As competencies develop, schools become increasingly more efficient and consistent at reaching desired outcomes.  








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