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    NBCT Testimonials

    "My experience at TGI has exceeded my expectations!The program has strong administrative supportive staff, evidence-based training, and a welcoming climate and culture. The program is complete and comprehensive for both the mentor and the new teachers. I feel more confident with my work, knowing I have a such an amazing team at my corner."


    NBCT Alma Revueltas

    Miles Avenue Elementary

    Los Angeles Unified School District

    "Mentoring has been the most rewarding endeavor of my career. The TGI program has been amazing ----stellar staff and effective and engaging Professional Development. I have been actively trying to recruit my fellow NBCTs for this program---- telling them it is truly one of the best opportunities for NBCTs."


      NBCT Deanna Kuper

             King-Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science 

           Los Angeles Unified School District

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